1v1 Racer

My HSC major work and my first ever project in Unity. Try to beat your best lap time or race head to head with person sitting next you in a banana van.

I plan on drastically updating and changing this game in the future. My knowledge of Unity and just programming in general has vastly increased since I made this game and I would like to apply that knowledge at some point.

Started making a Desert Track

I have started work on a desert themed track while procrastinating for my HSC exams. I've named it Dust2 for now until I come up with a name. At the moment it only works in the time trial game mode.

26/6/2017 Updated to version 1.1.0

Just before I have to hand in my Major work I've implemented some last minute features. Did not think I'd get multiplayer done but it turned out to be easier than I thought.

  • Implemented multiplayer split screen.
  • Added controls diagram option in pause and main menu.
  • Allowed player to control car in background of main menu.
  • Tried to make turning more responsive by increasing drag while the car turns.

  • 16/6/2017 Updated to version 1.0.0

    Ready for the HSC markers!

  • Added second track called "Cliff Face".
  • Fixed Banana Van and 4WD from spinning out.
  • Added Timer
  • Implemented score saving
  • Added spinning car graphic when selecting car
  • Added checkpoint system
  • Checkpoint System is Done!

    Finished the checkpoint system to stop the player skipping parts of the track and allow support for multiple laps.

    First Track and WIP Checkpoint System

    Created the first track called "Forest Run" and started work on a checkpoint system. The blue archways will be the checkpoints.

    First Driving Test

    GOT THE CAR DRIVING! No longer does it fly off into space or drop through terrain.

    Using my own assets

    Replaced Unity's standard assets with my own

    UI Designs

    UI Designs for main menu, map selector and pause menu

    3D Modelling in Autodesk Maya

    Started making my own assets in Autodesk Maya to use in my game. Just some basic trees and rocks to start before modelling cars.

    Planning my project

    Thought and planned my mechanics and scripts for my project.

    Planned Features:

  • At least two themed tracks.
  • At least two different cars.
  • Music.
  • Singleplayer.
  • Multiplayer.
  • Time trial gamemode.
  • A timed boost/powerup.
  • Bots game mode.
  • Time Plan:

    Checkpoint System Pseudocode:

    Game Context Diagram and Dataflow Diagram:

    Recent Projects

    Turkey Bot

    A discord bot that starts game servers via commands. This stops my friends calling me when I'm at work to start a damn minecraft server.

    Interstellar Exploration

    A low poly first person, space exploration, survival game. Explore an entire galaxy (well 2 planets at the moment but I'm getting there).