Poly Planets

Poly Planets is a stylized, low-poly sandbox game for smartphones where you take on the role of a higher power that can move the moon and stars.

For my Uni course I had to create a games design document, I decided to take it a step further and create a prototype. The game allows the player to control celestial objects through touch and drag controls to form stars and planets that orbit each other.

Simulations don't make good games

The game has gotten to a much more polished point however just the simulation mechanic alone is not that fun. Not entirely sure where to go with this project so I'm gonna shelve it for now.

Orbital Mechanics

Got gravity working using F = Gx(m1xm2/r^2). Every object gravitational pull has an effect and is taken into account every frame. Now to implement this properly using Unity's job system.


A few concept images I made in photoshop with a small planet I moddeled in Blender.

Recent Projects

Turkey Bot

A discord bot that starts game servers via commands. This stops my friends calling me when I'm at work to start a damn minecraft server.

Interstellar Exploration

A low poly first person, space exploration, survival game. Explore an entire galaxy (well 2 planets at the moment but I'm getting there).