The Party Racing Game

A racing game where your phone is a controller. Successor to 1v1 racer.

For my Uni course I had to create a games design document, I decided to take it a step further and create a prototype. The game allows the player to control celestial objects through touch and drag controls to form stars and planets that orbit each other.

Lobby System

Players can connect to a "garage" (lobby) to choose a car, car colour and track.

Car is ball

Wheel colliders are expensive and frustrating so I'm using a ball instead of wheels. Why calculate 4 physics objects when you can just use one.

Recent Projects

Turkey Bot

A discord bot that starts game servers via commands. This stops my friends calling me when I'm at work to start a damn minecraft server.

Interstellar Exploration

A low poly first person, space exploration, survival game. Explore an entire galaxy (well 2 planets at the moment but I'm getting there).