Interstellar Exploration

A low poly first person, space exploration, survival game. Explore an entire galaxy (well 2 planets at the moment but I'm getting there).

I have had so many ideas for this game that I think I have cut out a good two years worth of work for my self. I had a list of about 160 features, mechanics and environments to implement ranging from black holes and supernova's to banana themed space cafe's and intergalactic radio stations. I've been properly developing this game for about a year and I have had three prototypes out for testing.

Shoreline Detection

Oceans have previously had no idea where land was in relation to waves so they would often clip into the terrain mesh. The ocean system samples the terrains heightmap to determine how large a wave should be. What I've currently implemented is very basic but it works for now.

Cloud Attempts

This is a bit DOA. I have struggled with procedueral stylised clouds for months. Cannot work out a performant way of doing it at all.


I had a play around with HDRP I think it looks nice but I feel like I'm losing some of the stylised charm. Probably wont stay in HDRP but I'm glad I tried it.

New Terrain Generator

This does not yet support 3D terrain with caves and over hangs but its a step in the right direction and a step towards realtime procedural planets.

Water Shaders

After falling down the water shader rabbit hole I'm damn impressed that I even got something looking remotely as nice as this.

Mirror Multiplayer

Ditched Photon for Mirror by Vis2K. Instead of all players having a peer to peer connection to a host player, all players will connect to a hosted game server. The main reason behind this decision was the scalabilty that comes with hosted servers.

Moving to Universal Render Pipeline

Over the last 2 years of prototyping and experimenting with this project I have gained a better understanding of game design and have a clearer vision going forward for what I want this game to be.

BIL Has Mood Lighting

Imagine having a boring old normal flashlight.


Flashlights are boring, meet BIL. When things get dark BIL will be there to light your way. (Building, Information and Lighting).


Starting adding a weather system. Here is my first attempt at sandstorms.

The Vanitas System

The second solar system in the game. The Vanitas system has 1 small planet and 2 large planets orbiting a red giant star.

Lootable Storage Crates

Crates on planets now start off with loot to be found by players when exploring.


Ship lockers! You can now store items on your ship as well as on planets in crates.

Planet Initium C

Third planet in the Initium solar system. This planet is the most "earth" like planet and it's big enough for me to experiment with biomes in the future.


Actual Gameplay now. Only a few to test the system. Gather resources to repair your ship and leave the planet.


Vehicles are getting there thanks to the help of a friend who spent a few days fiddling around with wheel colliders for me (yep they still suck). I'm still working on the script that allows the player to get in and out of the vehicle.

26/09/2018 - Updated to v0.0.4

Not a whole lot this month, mainly just bug fixes:

  • Ship now moves to the planet instead of teleporting.
  • Partial planet saving.
  • Added dragon skeleton to Initium A.
  • Added more ruins to Initium A.
  • Added a second planet, Initium B.
  • Fixed automatic doors.
  • Fixed bug that allowed items on other planets to be visible.
  • Fixed bug that allowed players on other planets to be visible.
  • Fixed bug that caused terrain to disappear on Initium A.
  • Fixed bug that caused under water effects to appear and disappear for other players.
  • Fixed bug that caused multiple trees to occupy the same space as each other.
  • Planet Saving Part 1/2

    Ok so at the moment when you break a resource it only stays broken for that session. If you quit and come back the resource will have returned (unlimited materials). So to fix this I added uid's to all default resources and a quick check on the master clients save data to determine if the resource should be destroyed or not.


    It's such a small feature but it feels like I made a massive leap. You can equip items in the inventory and hold them in the hotbar. Numbers 1-5 control which slot is selected. Press q to drop the item you are holding.

    A Second Planet

    Giant flower forests, purble oceans and a gorgeous sky. Looks like something from a Dr Seuss book.

    23/08/2018 - Updated to v0.0.3

    Now that the multiplayer prototype is done I can continue moving through this massive to do list.
    Major multiplayer improvements and more:

  • A settings menu.
  • Playable multiplayer.
  • Items are synced in multiplayer.
  • Resources, trees and rocks are synced in multiplayer.
  • Planets are synced in multiplayer.
  • Ships are synced in multiplayer.
  • Tardis effect works in multiplayer
  • Graphical improvements.
  • Performance improvements.
  • "Toaster" setting preset added.
  • Removed the solid object in the sun.
  • Improved day/night cycle to stop objects being lit up from underneath terrain.
  • Caves use depth masks instead of cutting a hole in the terrain.
  • Space potato playermodel.
  • New ship material shader.
  • Fixed multi tool from twisting as player looks up.
  • Made crosshair smaller.
  • Not Quite a Blue Box

    A really satisfying tardis effect made using smooth portals. Maybe a ship idea but I doubt it will work in multiplayer. *Edit* Nvm it worked really well in multiplayer.


    Basic multiplayer has been added.
    Players can see each other and drop and pick up items but not all world objects are synchronised. And yes you are a space potato.

    26/07/2018 - Updated to v0.0.2

    Feedback from version 0.0.1 has been taken on board and applied:

  • Players weight has been reduced to stop clunky movement.
  • Physical materials have been added to all known colliders to stop object sticking together.
  • Water physics and effects.
  • MultiTools beam now goes where player is aiming (to a degree it's a WIP).
  • Planet Rotates.
  • Removed the solid object in the sun.
  • Added some more things to explore on Initium A.
  • Added cliffs.
  • UI's now can be exited by pressing escape.
  • Multiple UI's can no longer be open at the same time.
  • Reduced shadow flickering.
  • Stopped lines appearing across rocks at sunset and sunrise.
  • Added a "report bug" button to main menu.
  • Added a pause menu.
  • Items can now be moved and item stacks can be split in the inventory.
  • Graphical Changes

    Just tweaking the post processing profile.

    Functioning water

    Under water effects and temporary water physics. The Player should feel slower in water and experience some bouyancy.

    25/06/2018 - Updated to v0.0.1

    This is a demo version. Meaning that only the core features are enabled for testing, the rest are disabled.
    Enabled features:

  • Beaming up and down.
  • Breaking resources and picking up items.
  • Exploring planet below.
  • Item Stacking!

    This means items with the stackable attribute enabled will occupy the same slot in the inventory.

    Dynamic Loading

    This unloads every mesh thats 1000+ metres away from a player. On average frames increased by 6% with a peak of 12% and a low of 3%

    An Oasis on "Initium A"

    One of many areas that the player will be able to explore around the planet. The oasis will provide the player with resources that would normally be difficult to get hold of in a arid, dry desert environment.

    First Planet

    First Planet in the Initium Solar System, "Initium A".
    Initium A is a dry and arid desert planet with little life. A perfect place for the player to learn how to use the controls.

    Inventory System Updated

    Created an Inventory that saves and loads across scenes using prefabs. (ignore the icons they're place holders)

    Inventory System Started

    Got to work on starting the survival inventory. Thought out the required features and started planning how the inventory is going to save and load data cross scenes. Player Prefs is not ideal and will almost certainly be changed in the future but for now it will do.

    Recent Projects

    Turkey Bot

    A discord bot that starts game servers via commands. This stops my friends calling me when I'm at work to start a damn minecraft server.

    Interstellar Exploration

    A low poly first person, space exploration, survival game. Explore an entire galaxy (well 2 planets at the moment but I'm getting there).