The Elegantly Mediocre Mod

An elegantly mediocre mod by an elegantly mediocre developer that adds elegantly mediocre content to an elegantly mediocre game.

My friends and I got back into minecraft for a few weeks, during that time I took a break from Interstellar Exploration and created this mod which just adds a couple of custom items that my friends and I wanted. This was actually a lot of fun to make but it would have been even more fun if Java wasn't so painful to use.

30/02/2019 - Initial Release v1.0

First version released! Basically just adds a cool lightning stick and burgers.

A Really Overpowered Sceptre

Strikes lightning where ever the player is looking at, with 0 cost. I may need to nerf this in the future somehow.
Texture by Alex Garner "Made on a Mac Book during biology class"

Fish Fingers

Who doesn't like fish fingers.

Recent Projects

Turkey Bot

A discord bot that starts game servers via commands. This stops my friends calling me when I'm at work to start a damn minecraft server.

Interstellar Exploration

A low poly first person, space exploration, survival game. Explore an entire galaxy (well 2 planets at the moment but I'm getting there).